Aug 05,2021

Interview with Ergo-ology, curtesy of the Material Handling Institute

Wearable devices are quickly creeping into all aspects of our lives. From smart watches to smart glasses, and even fitness  Read more

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Apr 14,2021

By: Autumn Demberger |

No two companies are identical. So why would a manufacturing plant want the same ergonomics program that,  Read more

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Jun 18,2020

A medical device manufacturer dramatically reduced its OSHA-recordable injuries while improving product quality, achieving a hefty cost-avoidance, lowering production costs, and enhancing employee safety by introducing a remote ergonomics  Read more

May 04,2020

In past articles, we discussed the importance of measuring the stress volume an athlete experiences in various parts of the body while performing. Repetition, or similar and frequent Read more

Aug 07,2019

| Tendon Stiffness, Recoil and Accelerations |

Tendon ‘stiffness’ has nothing to do with our understanding of the word when we talk about flexibility, or range of motion.  Read more

Jul 02,2019

In our prior article, we discussed ‘strains’ which refer to breakdown of our muscle & tendon soft tissues being the #1 cause of decreased physical performance or injury  Read more

Jan 04,2019

Whether you’re listening to a sports announcer on ESPN or reviewing industrial OSHA 300 logs, a common phase you’ll come across is “sprains and strains.” These similar-sounding  Read more

Jul 30,2018

Being able to measure the elements that induce fatigue in athletes is imperative if health care professionals are to provide proper guidance to those performing in the fields of  Read more

Workplace Assessments
May 03,2018

For the last two decades, many health professionals labeled industrial employees “athletes.” They posit the theory that in sports and industry, when the human body is stressed, it  Read more