Aug 07,2019

| Tendon Stiffness, Recoil and Accelerations |

Tendon ‘stiffness’ has nothing to do with our understanding of the word when we talk about flexibility, or range of motion.  Read more

Jul 02,2019

In our prior article, we discussed ‘strains’ which refer to breakdown of our muscle & tendon soft tissues being the #1 cause of decreased physical performance or injury  Read more

Jan 04,2019

Whether you’re listening to a sports announcer on ESPN or reviewing industrial OSHA 300 logs, a common phase you’ll come across is “sprains and strains.” These similar-sounding terms refer  Read more

Jul 30,2018

Being able to measure the elements that induce fatigue in athletes is imperative if health care professionals are to provide proper guidance to those performing in the fields of  Read more

May 03,2018

For the last two decades, many health professionals labeled industrial employees “athletes.” They posit the theory that in sports and industry, when the human body is stressed, it  Read more

Mar 20,2018

In protecting their most valuable asset—the amateur/professional athlete or the “industrial athlete”—sports teams and corporations alike have entrusted health professionals with the responsibility to oversee and provide guidance to  Read more

Feb 13,2018

This installment of our Industrial Athlete series will compare two initiatives used by coaches and health professionals to increase physical capabilities, improve biological stress responses and increase the overall  Read more

Jan 17,2018

Whether they realize it or not, athletes who engage in amateur or professional sports and “industrial athletes” have one thing in common—they are masters of science. That’s not to  Read more

Nov 07,2017

Beyond the concepts of computer keyboard placement and a well-designed desk chair, few people are aware of ergonomic programs. After all, it’s not a discipline OSHA overly regulates, especially  Read more

Oct 09,2017

The engine that powers a cohesive, efficient and successful ergo-culture based program is employee engagement. Though like any complex machine, it only runs at peak performance when each member  Read more