Oct 09,2017

The engine that powers a cohesive, efficient and successful ergo-culture based program is employee engagement. Though like any complex machine, it only runs at peak performance when each member  Read more

Aug 08,2017

Reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, the highest peak humans had ever been to; curing polio, perhaps one of the most feared disease of the 20th century and, of  Read more

May 13,2017

The basic element in creating a healthy company culture – discussed in Part I of the Culture Series – is positive employee experiences and the constructive shift in  Read more

Apr 04,2017

The word “culture,” according to Merriam-Webster, came in as the most searched word in 2014 and it remains in the top 1 percent of all online-dictionary searches. A  Read more

Dec 15,2016

Lifting aids and engineering solutions can help workers minimize the amount of weight they have to carry, but the biggest cause of back injuries isn’t carrying too much—it’s using  Read more

Dec 15,2016

Whether running, jumping, squatting or kneeling, the activities we do every day are made possible because of our muscles, tendons and bones. These three components all connect to make  Read more

Dec 15,2016

Anatomy Overview

The shoulder is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. The shoulder joint is formed where the humerus or upper arm bone fits into  Read more