Ergonomics Process Specialist Certification

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Become a Ergonomics Process Specialist in three easy steps.



Through our online certification course you will complete a minimum of 16 hours of training. The training consists of both classroom content and hands-on application. The training must be completed by an Ergo-ology employed ergonomist.

The course includes:

  • Physical demands of work and cumulative trauma of soft tissue
  • Tactical and strategic approaches to implementing ergonomics processes
  • Micro/macro-ergonomic process methods
  • Technical knowledge including anthropometry, biomechanics, functional anatomy, impact of physical stress
  • Technical knowledge of engineering design considerations including, principals, guidelines, standards for equipment, tools, physical layouts (space, lighting, noise)
  • Usability and reliability
  • Ergonomic solution implementation methods and regulations of job design, engineering controls and administrative guidelines.
  • Physical measures and psychophysical/subjective measure
  • Risk screening and assessment tools and testing situations
  • Business considerations for prioritizing ergonomics opportunity
  • Validating implementation of solutions (metrics driven approaches)



Once the course is successfully completed, you will demonstrate your knowledge through our examination process.

In order to develop a credible and valid examination, questions follow widely accepted standards and regulations such as the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, EEOC, 1978. They may also be accredited by a third party to the standards, outlined under ISO/IEC 17-24:2012, which details the general requirements for personnel certification. Testing questions have been developed by professional ergonomists who have successfully completed the CEPS® program.



The third step of your certification process is demonstrated through a real-life project application.

This project is a hands-on demonstration of your Work products (projects) are required to demonstrate your proficiency to implement the information provided during training. A completion of at least one approved work product is required within 6 months of taking the CEPS® training and must pass inspection from a minimum of 3 Ergo-ology ergonomist.

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We also offer a customized, in-person, group class (up to 6 employees) at your facility. Additional fees may apply for groups larger than 6. If you are interested in this, please contact us at 404-804-6383 or info@ergo-ology.