Ergonomic Audits

Achieving success and taking advantage of opportunities allow for guidance in future planning initiatives.

Based on the level of detail and the goals you desire, Ergo-ology has a variety of ergonomic audits that will provide guidance to reach the next level. Our audits are conducted on-site. They all include an initial consultation, analysis and a formal report.


ergonomic audits

Audit Types:

ICONS 20 1


Uncovers the current ergonomics condition of a company that is NEW to ergonomics. Based on our discovery process we will construct a “blue-print” report to guide decision makers on the most effective and efficient next steps to grow your future program. Recommendations are customized based on your specific situation and the goals you have for the future program.

Key Benefits:

  • Identification of the most impactful starting point
  • Justification and reasoning of recommendations
  • Providing objective means to decision makers

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For facilities with an active ergonomics program that are seeking to understand how they compare to “best in class” programs. The audit evaluates both cultural and technical aspects of your program. A relative score will be provided for multiple key component areas of your program. Recommendations to improve each score will also be provided.

Key Benefits:

  • Deep understanding of program gaps and strengths
  • Provision of means to improve areas of opportunity
  • Awareness of areas that have not been considered in the current program

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OSHA cites for ergonomic hazards or issues ergonomic hazard alert letters as part of its enforcement program. OSHA encourages employers to implement effective programs to reduce ergonomic hazards and associated MSDs. Our Compliance Audit, will identify areas OSHA and other organizations (ADA, EEOC, OFCCP) find unacceptable. We also provide a report outlining recommended programs to improve work conditions to acceptable levels.

Key Benefits: 

  • Ensure ergo risk is within compliance and reasonably accommodated
  • Gain insight to efforts / initiatives to improve unacceptable working conditions
  • Obtain recommendations on specific workstations needing ergonomic solutions

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