Ergonomic Product Certification

Based on a series of comprehensive tests, Ergo-ology offers Certifications for Products, Equipment and Devices which showcase noticeable differences in usability, design fit, reliability and comfort when compared to items in similar spaces.

Ergonomic Product Certification

Approval Process

To obtain an Ergonomic Product Certification, the product undergoes a series of comprehensive tests to determine the level of ergonomic benefit. This custom test battery allows for quantifiable performance measures to be obtained during real time use. Testing protocols are derived from published literature and standards set forth in the ergonomics and human factors space.

Why Certify?

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Ergonomics Certification by Ergo-ology means that some of the leading Board Certified Professionals (experts in the field) have thoroughly tested your product, have data to objectively quantify the benefiting components of your product and feel the product represents the ergonomics space correctly.