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“Ergonomic risk accounts for over 50% of all of workers compensation costs in our Industry. With hopes to reduce this cost, we partnered with Ergo-ology to enhance our system’s capability to recognize, evaluate and mitigate hazards. They have been conducting a series of 2-day Ergo Workshops with EHS Manager’s from various Coca-Cola Bottlers and the feedback has been fantastic. This training is some of the best I have seen in the ergonomics space and the engagement it brought with the hands-on activities was truly, world class.”
Brian Muller
Coca-Cola – Director EHS
North America
“With constraints limiting our ability to insert engineering controls, we knew a job rotation process would provide some benefit.... but we didn’t know the most optimal time to rotate. Ergo-ology suggested running a muscle fatigue study using Electromyography (EMG) and we did it. Honestly, the results allowed us to understand fatigue levels due to repetitive work during the shift and when a rotation was needed. Since, we have observed a 65% reduction in rotator cuff injuries. That equates to approx. $246,250 annual savings”.
Scott Fredrick
Vesta, Inc – EHS&S Manager
Franklin, Wisconsin
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“Since working with Ergo-ology in 2017, we have implemented over 9 layout modifications in our Warehouse space. This has improved our distribution flow by 22% and reduced overtime hours by 55%. As a result, we have experienced an average operational time savings of $187,400 year over year. The ROI on these implementations was almost immediate too. These guys are great!”
Jose Alvarez
Bacardi – Production Manager
Cataño, Puerto Rico
“Our EHS department knew we had ergonomics issues but didn’t really know where to start. Ergo-ology proposed their Discovery Analysis to better understand our current state, constraints and goals. As a result, we have a road-map with suggested initiatives, projected implementation costs and a forecasted ROI. Ergo-ology met all expectations in providing us with comprehensive and achievable recommendations geared towards improving our ergonomic environment, decreasing employee injuries, and increasing production efficiencies. Ergo-ology and its professionals are highly recommended, and can benefit anyone in the manufacturing/production industry.”
Dan Frantz
US Silica – EHS Manager
Ottawa, IL
“Our facility was experiencing a significant amount of repetitive motion injuries in pack-out department. Ergo-ology’s team conducted an analysis which focused on eliminating unnecessary movements. As a result, we were able to reduce repetitive elbow movement by 36%; which improved our cycle time by 8 minutes at each workstation. By replicating the same process throughout all pack-out workstations, arm/hand injuries have reduced 23% and our productivity savings are over $81,250 in the past two years. These guys are true experts at process improvement!”
Denise Johnson
Pilkington - Operations Manager
“We requested ergonomic solutions to be recommended for various high-risk tasks at our facility. Ergo-ology’s ergonomist was extremely calculated in providing objective data to quantifying risk and the recommended solutions have been very effective at reducing risk. In fact, we are also are experiencing a derivative benefit of improved operational efficiency too, up 17%. Most of all, the Ergonomist was a true professional and a pleasure to be around.”
Curtis Swindell
US at Resolute Forest Products - Corporate Safety & Health Mgr.
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We were seeking support for employees in the office space. Ergo-ology conducted assessments, making adjustments to the existing equipment (chairs & desk) and also helped us pinpoint equipment that needed to be purchased. The customer service and technical ability from the Ergo-ology consultant was fantastic. Based on the follow-up survey, self-reported discomfort has been reduced 32%.
Hillary Bullock
Rolex - HR Manager
New York, NY
“With hopes of developing a Pre-Hire: Physical Abilities Test at our facility, we consulted with Ergo-ology to quantify the current Physical Demands within various jobs. Their Physical Demand Analysis (PDA) was detailed, accurate and highlighted areas where we need to further accommodate our employees. We plan to continue seeking their professional guidance and support in the future!”
April Hines
Lonza - Site EHS Manager
Conley, GA
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“The Manual Material Handling Boot-Camp Training was the bomb! The hands-on demonstrations and video analysis techniques were extremely engaging. Since this event in 2017, our trained warehouse supervisors have trained every single new hire and refreshed the current workforce 4 times. We are also seeing behavioral changes in the way guys are lifting, pushing and pulling various items and lifting injuries are down 25%. Awesome experience and value!"
Bob Green
Asics - EHS Manager
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“We entrusted Ergo-ology to assess our current office equipment and recommend new equipment based on our budget. They were great in providing several options based on price that ultimately led to us updating our office space. Their customer service was fantastic! "
Tiquisia McClure
AEED,Inc. - HR Manager
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“With no success finding equipment that we could purchase online, we reached out to Ergo-ology to design us a custom engineering solution. Their design concept, “C-clamp Boom Lift Assist” immediately eliminated the risk of injury from operators manually lifting 5-gal buckets to fill mixing tanks. We calculated the return-on-investment (ROI) on this implementation to be just 3 days based on the amount of increased productivity and reduction in material spills (quality). They are very creative and a fun group to work with!"
Wilma Ritz
Operations Manager, Ingles Brands
Ashville, NC