Workplace Risk Assessments

Through a combination of technical expertise and practical experience, Ergo-ology will track the source of your workplace risk and recommend the most comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. The solutions we recommend will improve productivity, quality, safety and worker comfort. Our recommendations will include cost justifications (ROI) to support most improvements.

Workplace Assessments

Data Collection

Ergo-ology employs the world’s most widely recognized methods of data collection supported by a foundation of advanced ergonomic assessment tools. Most workplace assessments can pinpoint risk using simple workplace awareness tools. For more advanced cases, tools like force gauges, motion capture (video recording) and physiological measures such as respiratory exchange VO2 and blood lactate levels are required for more detailed analysis.


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Business Bottom-Line

Our goal is to provide you with solutions that will exert a positive impact on your productivity and improve employee safety, and yet are cost-effective. After each risk has been identified, ergo-ology will provide solutions prioritized by lowest cost and highest impact.

  • Discovering Risk
  • Measuring Risk
  • Solution Development
  • Prioritization Solution Implementation

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