Ergonomic Engineering & Design

“Every great design comes from an even better story.” – Lorinda Mamo


Concept Design

To understand your story, Ergo-ology will collaborate with your product design team to identify the desired performance outcome and design possibilities for each product. This will encompass gaining a complete understanding of product features, functions and benefits. Our access to ergonomic engineering software and anthropometric data will enable us to provide you with several engineering design concepts that will enhance your system’s performance.

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Design Support

When you’re ready to build your design, Ergo-ology will assist in providing illustrations, communicating with vendors and tools makers, and delivering the engineering data that were key elements of the design process.


Hopper Platform



Ergo-ology understands the vital role your return on investment plays in the success of your company. Ergo-ology will provide the time and quality metrics that support the implementation of your new design. Validation will combine in-house observations with off-site calculations.

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