13 May
Company Culture Series, Part II: Culture-Based Ergonomics Program, a Participatory Model

The basic element in creating a healthy company culture – discussed in Part I of the Culture Series – is positive employee experiences and the constructive shift in the team’s perceptions as a result.

Next, it’s vital for companies that want to strengthen and emphasize their culture to develop a framework and foundation for those positive employee experiences.

Ergo-ology’s three-component model has empowered organizations that have implemented an ergonomics program of sustained ergonomic growth based on widespread engagement and employee ownership. They’ve achieved significant success in organizing their thoughts, instituting a maturity continuum and, by applying our model, building a framework that meets or exceeds their overall vision.

Here are the three components:3

The Operating System: Here, the focus is on formulating a strategy that arranges and optimizes company assets and resources. The right operating system creates value and minimizes loss. There are three key areas:

  • Planning & Logistics
  • Processes & Systems
  • Critical Path (most efficient way from start to finish)

Management Infrastructure: Once a roadmap for future initiatives is set, the focus moves to building a framework for the procedures needed to manage the operating system. These include:

  • Governance & Guidance
  • Goals & Measures
  • Capability Building Processes

Mindset, Behaviors and Capability Building: For participatory-based programs, creating experiences that inspire employees to think, feel and act in accordance with an organization’s healthy culture is crucial. Here, initiatives are developed that support employee:

  • Engagement
  • Ownership
  • Inclusion

Mindsets, behaviors and capabilities sits at the base of Ergo-ology’s model because it’s the foundation, the interlocking cornerstone, for the first two components.

Without affirmative experiences, employees have no sense of ownership and will lack engagement with the program, which can jeopardize the shift toward a positive, productive and healthy company culture.

By creating positive experiences and perspectives within the program’s infrastructure, employees are motivated to participate and engage, which is essential to the program’s success.

Company Culture Series, Part III: Recognizing The “Fine-Print” Employees


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