Our Approach

Ergo-ology’s team of Board Certified Professional Ergonomist focus on improving operating efficiency and reducing the number of workplace injuries by developing and applying initiatives that meet your needs without disrupting your existing work methods. Using our Ergo-ology Progressive Approach (EPA)™, we will provide the support you need to develop a successful and sustainable ergonomic initiative.

Phases of Improvement


STEP ONE: Discover

We evaluate your current situation and take your future goals into consideration before constructing a custom business plan. The business plan will delve into the history of your initiative and explain the areas of support that are needed to bring about improvement.

STEP TWO: Construct

After completing our research, we will develop a comprehensive business plan based on your specific needs and your unique operating processes. The business plan will include a strategic framework that will serve as a foundation for future initiatives.

STEP THREE: Integrate

Using the business plan as a blueprint, we will begin to integrate ergonomics initiatives into your operating processes. The initiatives will serve to bring people and processes together to form one cohesive system. This integration will enable capabilities to be improved, employees to become engaged and goals to become achievable.


When preliminary goals are reached, we will collaborate with you to set more advanced goals so as to foster continual improvement of the operating process. Our approach allows for small adjustments to be implemented to continually improve and set higher expectations for future goals.

Ergonomic Initiative Examples

•  Return to Work Process 

•  Manual Lifting Programs  

•  Risk Assessments    

•  Engineering & Design Solutions   • 

•  Training  

•  Employee Engagement Initiatives   • 

•  Physical Demand Analysis   

•  Job / Task Rotation 

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