Ergonomics Training (Office & Industrial)

Whether you’re looking to improve your current ergonomics training program or taking the first steps to increasing your workforce’s knowledge, ergo-ology’s training program has a proven track record to help you reach your goals. Our training is customized to your supply chain and opportunities and conducted both in person or remote.

ergonomics training

Ergonomic Remote Training

Bringing awareness to others could prevent a fatality or spark creative ideas that will bring about process improvement. Our training programs will enable your employees to expand their capabilities through knowledge and enhance their sense of confidence and well-being. We have found that training is a proactive method of engaging workplace employees. We offer a variety of training topics ranging from general ergonomic principals to custom experiences that will fit your needs.

Industrial Training 

  • Train-the -Evaluator (Risk Assessment & Solution Development)
    • For those seeking to become the resident ergonomic specialist
  • Front Line Employee Training (General Awareness)
    • For those seeking to improve widespread knowledge at the facility
  • Ergo Team Training (Annual Subscription Program)
    • For Ergo Teams seeking mentorship throughout the year  (most popular)
  • Training for Managers (Business Case & Financials)
    • For those needing to influence Leadership and obtain an Ergonomics budget

Office Training

  • How To Properly Set-up Your Workstation (Webinar)
    • For individuals or entire company offerings
  • Train- the – Evaluator (Developing Internal Specialists)
    • For those who seek to become the resident ergonomic specialist
  • Fad vs. Facts in the Office (Webinar)

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